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All inclusive. We save on "Plato" and the maintenance of the truck

In fact, if we talk about the benefits of transport companies, expressways are even more attractive for them in terms of savings than conventional roads. Why, the portal "Avtovzglyad" will explain.

"Platniki" appeared in Russia relatively recently — for the first time, Russians were offered a better and safer alternative in 1999, when the M4 "don" highway opened a bypass of the village of Khlevnoye in the Lipetsk region. And since everything new is traditionally accepted by Russians — grimaces of mentality — with hostility, a barrage of criticism fell on the "commercial" routes. Over time, many drivers, of course, "tried them out", but to finally eradicate the stereotype of "senseless high cost", time must pass.

To make sure that in reality toll roads are convenient and profitable, if we are not talking about rare trips to the country, but about daily use of the trails for business purposes, just read the list of advantages that they provide. After all, some of them are not only obvious — such as, say, shorter travel time — but also indirect.

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